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Helping You Create Innovative and Courageous Solutions in Education

We work with schools and organizations to develop and implement innovative and courageous solutions in education. Through customized support based on needs, thought partnership with leaders on programs and operations, and targeted professional learning, we are able to support schools, organizations, and educators build their capacity to take on the challenges ahead. 

What We Offer

What You Can Expect

Our Areas of Expertise

Student Engagement
Instructional Leadership
Technology Integration & Infrastructure
Hybrid & Online Instruction
Trauma-Informed Practices
Authentic Assessment
Specially Designed Instruction & Accommodations
Culturally Responsive Teaching
Cultural Competence
Special Education Compliance
Project Based Learning


Social Emotional Learning
Differentiation & Intervention
Out of School Time Learning 
Compassionate Applied Behavior Analysis
Early Learning Behavior Support 
Adult Section-Emotional Learning & Self-Care
Organizational Operations & Systems
Leadership Training & Team Building
School Communications
Family & Community Engagement 

Free Resources 

Each Innovageous session is accompanied with an interactive slide deck, including further resources and embedded customized Innovageous tools. Below are some example tools for authentic assessment, inclusive classrooms, and student engagement!

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