About Us

Our Why

Continuity of Learning and Inclusive Opportunities for All Children

Within the changing landscape of education are opportunities for leaders to work within budget constraints to creatively meet the needs of  students, educators, and families. Kids deserve great schools and organizations that provide continuity of learning regardless of the physical environment or limited resources. Schools and youth-serving organizations deserve high quality supports and resources, educators crave genuine professional learning experiences, and students need engaging and authentic instruction. 

Our Values


Innovation, creativity, and new ideas in the way we approach our collaboration with schools and organizations to implement courageous solutions as embrace difficult challenges and conversations honestly and openly.


Diversity of thought and experiences strengthen our work; we get better together.


Solutions Oriented

We spend time intentionally identifying the problem so that we can remain future focused on outcomes for children.



We believe in clear, consistent, and multiple opportunities for communication that meet the unique needs of our clients and partners.


Lifelong Learning

We believe there is always more to learn; we grow from feedback.

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Innovageous immediately understood our school’s struggles transitioning from traditional schooling to remote learning in 2020’s “new normal” and instantly began working on ways to modernize our teaching methods.

Mr. Gordon, Robeson High School Principal; NASSP 2021 Principal of the Year