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Our Mission

The mission of Innovageous is to provide continuity of learning and inclusive opportunities for all children by building the capacity of schools, educators, and families to develop innovative and courageous solutions in education.


As such, our mission leads us to develop and implement comprehensive systems collaboratively with schools that are sustainable and impactful, allowing for ongoing equitable access to education for diverse students.


At the forefront of our efforts has been working with district and school leaders to develop long-lasting strategic planning and systematic efforts to ensure positive school culture, high-quality instructional programs, specialized services to meet the needs of all students, and strong operations throughout the school.

Presenter was very informative. She took an overwhelming subject matter and broke it down to bite size action items. Her ability to take a seemingly overwhelming topic and make it not doable but empowered us to be excited about it was impressive. After this session I am an understanding of how important it is for our school to meet the PA standards. I also feel like it is something we will be able to do well – and that is all based on today’s presenter.



Our Values

Our Impact

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