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The Power of A Landscape Analysis

Since our establishment, we have incorporated landscape analyses into our partnership process with clients. From learning about teacher's capacity and skills with technology as we entered online learning to understanding school-wide mindsets around meeting the needs of all students - we have been able to gather school level data to inform next steps in implementing Innovageous solutions.

The landscape analysis process answers questions such as "what is going well in this program or focus area?", "what are targeted focus areas for growth?", and "what are some immediate next steps to take action on the focus area of growth?" Answers to these questions provide vital input into larger decisions that schools may be considering. These could include "is it time to transition to a new leader?", or "should we expand to include additional grades?"

At Innovageous we have conducted over a dozen landscape analyses though artifact reviews, interviews, focus groups, surveys, site-visits, and observations. Through this work, we have developed comprehensive and research-based indicator tools to analyze the 360 degrees of school operations: 1) culture and climate, 2) instruction, 3) student services, 4)and operations.

Schools can engage a full analysis of all focus areas, or just one - it depends what you are looking to learn more about and questions you want to answer. Our founders will work with you to customize the process and determine focus areas that meet your needs. Whether you are a school leaders looking for an independent assessment , or a school board seeking to inform a long term decision - our Innovageous landscape analysis process can help you answer key questions about your school community and provide you a road map for the future!


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