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Summer In-Service Success!

To prepare educators for the upcoming year, Innovageous partnered with schools to implement a customized series of workshops for each school. Offerings included “High Quality Online Instruction”, “Understanding Social Emotional Learning”, “Getting Started with G-Suite and Google Classroom”, and “Using Zoom for Authentic Instruction”, among others! Innovageous founders supported resource sharing and further understanding of key tech tools through small group content meetings, and the creation of school-customized interactive toolkits. In addition to facilitating professional development workshops, Innovageous founders worked collaboratively with leaders to create aligned systems and school-wide guidance for online learning that were co-presented to school staff.

Check out some of the feedback from educators in our session:

Your patient and pleasant demeanor, together with your expertise made a teacher who is unfamiliar with this material feel like I could learn it and do it!
Your helpful, pleasant, get to it demeanor and patience really made me able to ask questions and not feel foolish!
Thank you for creating an easily accessible, friendly, and helpful session. I feel like I have more tools to help me create a supportive school year for my students. Also, great music!
Shira, Alicia, and Joanna are AMAZING! So knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and fun! Can’t imagine having to learn all of this on my own. For ANYONE needing to use these tools, educators or not, call Innovageous!
You were thorough, personable, and the content was meaningful. Your preparedness was stellar! Five stars for you *****. Thank you. For the first time this new school year, I did not feel OVERWHELMED.
Amazing! You’re a great presenter and have great responses to everyone’s frustrations. You are appreciated and extremely helpful in getting this year started off the right track! Thanks!


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