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Parent Virtual Cafes are Back at All Hours of the Day!

Today, we kicked off our first Parent Virtual Cafes of the year with sessions taking place at 8am, 12pm, and 7pm. We have found that this diverse time offerings ensure every parent has access to the event. Not all parents can attend a parent session in the evening - but maybe they can listen on their way to work, or while eating lunch during the day. At Innovageous, inclusivity is important - and time offerings is a huge part of that!

Our Parent Virtual Cafes are offered on a variety of topics, some of which include: staying organized at home, helping your child with homework, exploring your child's interest, and games and apps to boost school skills. Each of our topics are customized and we work with school staff to determine what is needed. For example, this Fall we are offering 6 Parent Virtual Cafes to families at Northwood Academy Charter School. In September, we hosted a Virtual Cafe on Game and Apps to Boost your Child's School Skills. In addition to sharing great ways to play at home using kids physical skills, imagination, knowledge, and technology, parents chimed in with great ideas like keeping a bag of games handy in the car at all time and making games from materials you can find at home - like Memory! Next month we will be exploring how to Help Children Explore their Interests, which will include hobbies and possible future careers.

All of our Parent Virtual Cafes included:

  • Planning of topics with your school team so it meets the needs of families

  • School branded fliers and and social media posts to distribute

  • 45 minute live online workshop at any time of the day

  • Recording of live session for 24/7 viewing by parents

  • Follow up toolkit for families - checklists, infographics, and templates!


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