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Innovageous School Design: Accelerating Our Now & Growing Our Future

Earlier this month, we introduced Innovageous School Design, which reimagines our now and future by sharing our decades of experience in schools and key insights into the changing workplace and educational landscape. Connecting to our mission to bring innovageous solutions to education, our four foundational principles of Innovageous School Design are depicted in a graphic that is both a propeller and a flower, capturing the ideas of both acceleration and growth.

Together, the Innovageous School Design principles accelerate our communities into the future, symbolized by the propellers. To be an Innovageous School, you must be courageous and permissionless. Innovageous Schools do not take the easy or simple path, going with the flow of the mainstream, nor do they rely completely on the constraints of the traditional education system to put into action ideas or strategies that are right for kids. Innovageous Schools set the pace and propel our students and communities into a future of education that is equitable and responsive to the needs and wellbeing of students, families, and educators.  

Together, the Innovageous School Design principles cultivate growth, symbolized by the flower petals. To be an Innovageous School, you must cultivate innovation and creativity within your students, staff, and the stakeholders you serve. Innovageous Schools are not stagnant; they are learning-focused and embrace diversity of thought in order to ensure they are inclusive, welcoming, and adaptive to the needs of their entire community.  

In the next month, we will be sharing more about each of the principles that are core to our Innovageous School Design. We will share examples of how these principles are intentionally integrated at our partner schools, and what’s possible for the future as we redesign education. You will gain access to aligned resources to launch your learning on these principles as well! 

Want to be a part of this acceleration and growth? Here are some ways that you can join our ecosystem of partners:

  1. Funding - Support the development of free resources and tools to broaden our reach and access to anyone who wants to make their school community more innovageous! 

  2. Focus Groups & Committees - We are seeking industry partners in education and/or professional workspaces who want to provide input to the development of resources and tools. 

  3. Partnership - Work in partnership with us to help increase equitable access to Innovageous tools and resources. Your support through ongoing collaboration and partnership helps sustain our work, and expand our reach.

To learn even more about Innovageous School Design or to get involved, schedule a time to chat with us at


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