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Innovageous on the Mic!

This Fall, Innovageous was featured on two Podcasts related to our work!

In October, Shira was featured on the National Youth Leadership Council's podcast, The Power of Young People to Change the World. During the episode, Shira talked about how to get started with service-learning and some of the intended outcomes of this instructional approach! You can listen to the episode here or on any other podcast platform! Listen for Shira as a guest host in December for two great episodes of this podcast! Links will be posted later.

In November, Joanna and Alicia were featured on Mental Health Declassified's podcast. During their episode, they focus on the importance of self-care through our L.A.U.G.H. approach, and get to reflect with the host on some of our work around culturally responsive teaching. You can listen to the episode here or on any other podcast platforms!

We're appreciative of the chance to get to share what we know and have been learning on our Innovageous journey. If you'd like to have us join you on your podcast, reach out at to inquire - we'd be honored to share the space!


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