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From 2020 to 2022...Two Years of Innovageous!

It's been two years of Innovageous!

Just two years ago, we teamed up to establish Innovageous with a mission to build the capacity of schools and organizations to implement innovative and courageous (or Innovageous as we call it) solutions. We knew there was a space to grow in and serve as educational leaders outside of school-based roles, with an opportunity to widen our impact on students and families. As we stepped into this new environment, we made connections, deepened relationships, and collaborated with educators across the country. Together we have learned new instructional approaches, facilitated courageous conversations, served as thought partners, and shared resources for the purpose of building capacity within the schools and organizations we work with.

In our two years we have formed partnerships in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and California. We have worked with all levels of education from early childhood programs through higher education. Our network has grown to include professional associations with organizations such as Catalyst:Ed, and over a dozen consulting partners who we lean on for subject area expertise.

We have had the pleasure of working alongside dozens of leaders who have navigated the past two years with grace, wearing multiple hats, all while deeply caring for their school communities every step of the way. These leaders have trusted us to look deeply into their programs, develop systems that impact teaching and learning, provide professional development on diverse topics, educate their families on how best to support their children in school, and outfit their schools with the technology and resources needed to impact student achievement. For these partnerships, we are so grateful!

As we step into year three, we are growing our team, expanding our services, and deepening our partnerships. The future is full of opportunities, and we can not wait to continue the journey.

For all of the educators and leaders we have worked with along the way, we are honored to know you and honored to support your schools! You have each helped water our growing Innovageous garden with your trust, connections, and support. The future is bright for Innovageous, our schools, and the children they serve!

Cheers to two years!

Yours in Leadership & Learning,

Shira, Alicia, and Joanna


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