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Being Together & All Charged Up with Philadelphia Charters for Excellence

On April 28th and 30th, Innovageous coordinated PCE’s first ever Virtual Conference for Philadelphia’s charter school educators. The two day event had a theme of “Together & All Charged Up”, and brought over 400 educators together for inspiration, celebration, and learning.

The event kicked off with Philadelphia Deputy Mayor Cynthia Figueroa sharing how the city is working together with schools and community agencies to meet the ongoing needs of children and families. Following the address, participants had a chance to choose from 21 breakout sessions over 3 hours – addressing issues such as culturally relevant teaching, technology infrastructure, special education supports, social-emotional learning, and funding. Over two dozen schools and organizations led breakout sessions over the course of the two days.

Day 2 celebrated the perseverance and efforts of charter school educators this year! Along with some guest appearances to celebrate the success of the year, educators were inspired by Jeremy Anderson’s celebration address and honest appreciation of their hard work. He said: “Someone told me the pandemic was going to bring out the best in us. I believe this pandemic is going to expose us for the heroes we already are.” Following Jeremy’s address, participants were pumped and ready for their choice of 21 day 2 breakout session.

Innovageous coordinated this event from initial concept to implementation. Our team curated invited keynote speakers, workshops across all strands, ensured a smooth school registration process, created marketing materials such as fliers and the program guide, organized virtual workshop spaces, and implemented a virtual conference with our eye on every detail.


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