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8 Templates to Make Your School’s Social Media More Innovageous

As a school’s social media manager, nothing is more anxiety provoking than a sudden emergency or update that needs to be posted ASAP! Especially if you are filling the role of social media manager as a side hustle and your primary gig is a classroom teacher or another full time role at the school.

Although you might not have all the details or be able to schedule these types of posts in advance, there are ways that you can prepare yourself to take some of the pressure off of creating a high quality social post when time is of the essence.

Here are 8 template ideas that you can make in advance to make those last minute posts easier to deal with:

1. No School

Random PD Day? Change in the schedule? Holiday coming up? Use this template to remind your community that there is a day off from school.

2. Weather Update

Use this template when you have a change in the schedule due to weather. You’ll be covered for a last minute Early Dismissal because of heat, a Delayed Opening or Closure due to snow, or whatever else the weather throws your way.

3. Important Information / Update / FYI

Your principal has given last minute approval to do a dress down or spirit day this week and you want to make sure everyone got the memo - sound familiar? This ready-to-go template will help you share the information in a flash.

4. Cancellation

If you’re faced with a last minute emergency or cancellation, this template will be perfect to use in a pinch. This eye-grabbing word will get folks to read what’s below and stay informed.

5. Mark Your Calendar / Reminder

Maybe there is an important deadline or event coming up that you’ve already shared in your school’s newsletter or on your website, but putting it back on folks' radar won’t hurt. Use this template to remind your community to show up when you need them.

6. Join Our Team / We’re Hiring

No matter how high retention is at your school, there are always folks that retire, move away or maybe new positions need to be filled. This template is a great way to let your community know that there are employment opportunities available at your school.

7. Thank You

It’s important to build relationships and partnerships with your community. Maybe a local pizzeria donated food to a family engagement workshop or the school met a large fundraising goal. This template will help you share your gratitude and you can tag any important business or community partners in the copy.

8. Highlight

We always want to show off the amazing things that are happening at our school! While the best way to do this is often through photographs, you can make sharing photos more cohesive by creating a branded template that has your school’s logo on it. You can place the template on top of the photo(s) to make your post look more polished and intentional.

At Innovageous, we love Canva, but you can use whatever software you love the most to create these templates. Some other things to keep in mind:

  • Does your school have a brand or any brand elements in place? (i.e. a logo, specific colors or fonts, graphic elements) If so, try to use them in each of your templates.

  • Use language that is appropriate and consistent for your school.

  • Put all of these templates in a shared Google Folder so that they are: (1) accessible to anyone who might be supporting this work and (2) easy for you to access from anywhere.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Creating high quality, branded social media templates is one of many ways that Innovageous can support you. Check out our Innovageous Marketing & Communications Services. Reach out today at or make an appointment at for a free consultation!


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