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What do we mean by customized services?

At Innovageous, we pride ourselves on customized services and solutions for all schools and organizations based on their needs. Clients are always asking us for an example of what we mean! So we decided to share this specific example of how we work with schools to identify an area in need of improvement, and work together to customize the solution. Currently, we are working with two schools on identifying and implementing a coaching framework across the school. At one school, an independent urban charter school, the coaching is being done by administrators who also serve as evaluators of students. The leaders are looking for clear directives, teacher moves, and indicators of instructional success that are well known across the school. At another school, a large high school that is part an urban school district, leaders were seeking to increase the capacity of school based leaders to provide peer coaching. In the highlights of priorities, the school identified that building relationships, buy-in, and teacher voice were key to their coaching approach. With each of these schools, our Founders visioned the future of coaching at the schools, discussed elements of coaching success, and explored possible frameworks for coaching. In collaboration with leaders it was determined that the charter school would approach coaching through the Skyrocket Framework. At the large urban district high school, the coaching framework would be Student Centered Coaching using Teach Like a Champion 3.0 as high quality instructional practices to develop. Innovageous is now working to provide professional learning and development to instructional. coaches at each school as they launch and implement coaching cycles based on the identified framework.


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